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Michael Rich -  Former Dentist Hello and welcome to my site!

My history (part one)

I qualified as a dentist more than 50 years ago from Manchester University in 1961.  After just over 50 years in clinical practice I arranged (December 2012) for my name to be removed from the General Dental Council’s register so I am no longer, legally, a dentist. I have had a varied career, including owning my own practice just South of Manchester for 25 years and also a part interest in a dental laboratory. I was also very involved in the training of dental nurses, being a member of the panel of examiners for their national examination for 20 years.

As well as writing articles for dental journals and giving lectures, I was also co-author (with one of my nurses) of a revision aid textbook for trainee nurses studying to pass their national exam (see the link in the bar above for more about this).

My history (part two)

After leaving my own practice I worked at what was the Dental Practice Board here in Eastbourne. This acted for the Department of Health to administer the NHS dental services in England and Wales. While there I was Manager of Monitoring and Compliance developing and running computer systems to detect fraud in the NHS dental service. After just over six years there I took the early retirement available and returned to part time clinical work in other dentists’ practices. I also qualified as a Lead Auditor for ISO 9000 Quality  Management Systems and did audits of several dental laboratories and also a dental practice.

My history (part three)

In addition to my other activities I was a member of the General Dental Council’s private patients complaints system. But having retired I became a lay member not, as previously, a dental panel member. I retired from this at the end of March 2019. I left the dental practice where I had  been working for the  previous seven years at the end of March 2012, after it had been sold and taken over by another dentist. So now after some 50+ years ‘in the business’ I am completely retired from working as a dentist.

In recent years I have developed an interest in painting - primarily Botanical Art. Check the link in the bar above for more about this.

I am also the co-author of a  project management book: Managing Your Startup’s New Product Development Projects. This will be available on Amazon/Kindle from 23 April 2019.  

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Thank you for visiting my site.