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It gives digests of all the essential information about each topic, both clinical and administrative that a student has to learn. There are many bullet point (in the print edition) lists to aid learning and the text is set out and written in an easy to read style. The text in the online editions is formatted slightly differently from the print edition but you will find it as easy to read.

It is a revision aid as well as a learning one and is based on the authors’ experiences. There are line diagrams to illustrate several anatomical features which a candidate could be asked to label as part of the examination.

It has been written by a former dentist (me) who was, for 20 years, an examiner for the National Examination Board and a registered dental nurse with more than thirteen years clinical and administrative experience.

The book is available as a print copy from  www.lulu.com/mpbooks for only £8.00.

It is also available from Amazon  online as an ebook for Kindle and also as a print copy and if you log on to Amazon you will find it there. You can also obtain it for Apple iPad, Sony and a variety of other hand held readers. To get it for one of these log on to www.smashwords.com  and run a search for the title.

They are all the same cost online but priced in US$ @ $9.99 which exchanges to about £6.50 sterling.

You can also buy it using PayPal - use the link in the navigation bar above.

A well worthwhile purchase to enable you, the student, to be successful in your future career.

Easy to read, easy to learn, easy to remember.

Essential Examination aid for Dental Nurses

This text book is a small A5 coil bound volume designed as an aid to learning and revision for trainee dental nurses studying for the UK’s National Examination Board’s examination. It can also be very useful as a revision aid for English speaking trainee dental nurses/assistants studying for similar examinations in other countries. It does not replace the main established texts, nor the notes which would be supplied to students during their courses.