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FOLLOW these Writers…in SUSSEX

The first in a series of literary detective touring guides.

No, it’s not a murder mystery but a guide for you to find out (detect) all about successful authors in the county.

It covers seven main towns in East and West Sussex and describes how to find the locations where the various authors were born, where they wrote, were married, had families, died and even, in some cases, where they were buried.

There are many photographs of the various places in the book which are directly associated with the authors and these will help you find them as you tour around.

The book gives a detailed turn by turn walking tour of each town including, where relevant, where to park. Driving directions are very detailed, including Post Codes for Sat.Navs or other GPS aids.

The front cover of the print book (above left) and back cover (below it) show pictures of various well known Sussex scenes.

To buy the book log on to www.authorhouse.com and on the opening screen, at the top in the search box on the right, type in the ISBN 9781456772208 and click ‘Search’ and it will bring up the book for you to order.

Its price is £6.50 and you will be taken through a series of screens. You will probably have to register as a user (as with all these sites) but just go with the flow and you will, eventually, pay for the book and it will be mailed to you within a few days.

It is also available online as an ebook for Kindle and if you log on to Amazon you will find it there. You can also obtain it for Apple iPad, Sony and a variety of other hand held readers. To get it for one of these log on to www.smashwords.com  and run a search for the title.